Influencer Marketing Through YouTube

Hello fellow bloggers and readers! In one of my previous blogs I touched on the fact that YouTube Creators are being sponsored by brands. In this blog, I want to delve deeper into this topic but focus the discussion on the influencer marketing aspect of it.

With YouTube growing as a platform, more brands are looking to YouTube to advertise their goods and services through YouTube Creators.

Do people actually pay attention to the ads displayed on YouTube?

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.32.06 pm.png

According to Google’s Display Benchmarks Tool, it can be seen that the average click through rate of advertisements that appear on YouTube videos is at 0.06%. This demonstrates how ineffective and unprofitable this marketing tactic is for businesses. Another issue that YouTube faces are those people (you know who you are!!) that use ad-blocking programs to bypass the ads on YouTube. Reuters Institute has stated that 47% of consumers use it.

This is why digital marketers are turning to influencer marketing to drive conversions. The statistics on Musefind have said that 92% of consumers trust influencer endorsements more than typical adverts.

What does it take to be a Successful YouTube Creator?

First of all, these successful YouTube Creators have built their own brand on YouTube. Promoting themselves in an authentic manner that has resulted in their audience liking their personality and content. This then leads to the audience becoming loyal subscribers to the channel.

What are the benefits for businesses by collaborating with YouTube Creators?

From partnering with a successful YouTube Creator, businesses have found that influencer marketing offers a high ROI (return on investment). In addition, the audience view the successful YouTube creator with great credibility, and are more likely to purchase what is being offered, in comparison to those annoying YouTube ads that turn up when you are wanting to watch a YouTube video.

It’s all about creativity for YouTube Creators!

When it comes to incorporating the brand into the Youtube Creator’s video, the creator must follow the guidelines of the business. Usually the brand advertised through a review or the brand is placed subtly without making the video an advertisement.

The most difficult part for businesses is finding that specific Youtube Creator which suits what the business is trying to advertise. Hence thorough research must be done on the creator and their personality before offering them a business deal. (CLICK LINK: Read this blog for more detail)

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 11.31.27 pm.png

Do you think digital marketing will shift to influencer marketing in the future or is this a trend?


4 thoughts on “Influencer Marketing Through YouTube

  1. Very well written Matt. I reckon influencer marketing won’t just be a trend. I think there’s an endless fountain of Influencers out there that it’ll become sustainable. I think the one issue that it does present is whether that fountain can keep producing unique characters and styles to show off a brand, so I feel businesses need to keep an eye on what type of influencers are relevant at a given time.It’s almost as if they need to move along with the micro trend (what type of Influencer) with the macro movement (Influencer marketing).

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I agree, businesses do need to do their research before choosing the type of influencer they are in need of. In the future, I think there should be a large influencers database that categorises influencers based on what they do on their YouTube Channel. From that, businesses can select particular people that are suitable to promote their services/products.


  2. Great post! I believe influencer marketing is becoming a significant player in the marketing world today. As a Youtube fan, I have been watching influencers from UK, USA and Australia for years and I find the way they talk about brands to be incredibly captivating and authentic and I often place great trust in the reviews and opinions they have of brands and products. I feel as though influencer marketing is a great way for brands to interact with their consumers on a more intimate and personal level, without being invasive or annoying!

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