A New Social Media Platform that has entered the Market!

Welcome fellow bloggers and readers to another blogpost by MLew Media. A couple of weeks ago, I came across a sponsored ad on Facebook called the ‘Lyf App.’ I was genuinely interested in it and found out that this Melbourne-based company does its digital marketing  mainly through advertising on Facebook.

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 10.06.15 am
‘The Lyf App’

What is Lyf?

Lyf is a new type of social media application, where users are able to support each other on their ‘Journeys.’ User profiles are split into  different categories (listed below).  If users take an interest in your journey, they are able to support them (follow).

In this app, users have the ability to create a profile and digitally market themselves in the hope of gaining an audience of ‘supporters.’ I have viewed many profiles on the app where users have become so successful that supporters are willing to donate money to their gofundme pages.

As ‘69% of Aussies are on social media,’ and the fact that people are using more devices on a regular basis (device shift), the Lyf App has the potential to grow in popularity.

The Future of Lyf:

In the future, the app has the potential to become a digital marketing platform for businesses to be able to advertise their products to users of that segment. Another suggestion is that businesses could create their own profile whereby they share people’s journeys when they wear/use the businesses’ products as a strategy to gain supporters.

Can you suggest any other ways Lyf can use digital marketing as a tool to become more profitable?


5 thoughts on “A New Social Media Platform that has entered the Market!

  1. Do you think that marketers will be able to use Lyf to reach their customers, either through advertising or by building online brand-based communities?


    1. Definitely! In the future when the app has a larger amount of users, marketers should advertise to certain segments that are available on Lyf.
      For example for the segment ‘exploring the planet,’ Brands like webjet or STA Travel could have banners within the app displaying promotions, that may appeal to users and are exclusive to Lyf users.


  2. This could be a pretty big opportunity for marketers giving aspiring people what they need to fulfil their goals. Just goes to show the importance of knowing about all these new things always pooping up here and there. Really nice post Lew.

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  3. Are you on the app personally Matt? After reading your article i was intrigued and decided to join, it actually looks quite interesting and i’m sure i will use it for a little while, though i wonder how well its going to be able to hook people in comparison to Facebook’s success?


    1. At the moment, I am not, however you are able to skip the login and actually look at people’s profiles. Great question, at the moment it seems like it is in the newbie phase. Maybe in the future it can team up with Facebook and work together.


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